Making a Basic Affiliate Site

The EPage affiliate program provides a classified ad service for your Web site. With just a few simple steps and a link placed on your Web site, your visitors can use a full-featured, and fully populated classified ad service. Of course, you must first have a Web site that you can edit. You must be able to place a link on your Web site to the affiliate site, or paste the HTML code we provide into your Web site. Without this link, nobody will use your affiliate site.

An affiliate site is free, and provides a revenue share with you. You can read about the features and benefits of the affiliate program on our FAQ pages. Here is how you make your own affiliate site:

Go to the Affiliate Manager and create a new affiliate site by clicking on the Add a new Affiliate Site" link. If you do not yet have an EPage account you can create one on the login page.
Choose a Basic affiliate site (Premium sites are now operated by AdConnect). Click on the Continue button.
Provide the information for your affiliate site. A title is how your affiliate site will be referred to, such as in email messages. A return URL (the address of your Web site) allows visitors to the affiliate service from your Web site a path to return to your Web site. You also provide text for the return link, like "Return to Joe's Site". Click on the Create Site button and your affiliate site will now exist on our service. You will receive an email confirmation with additional information.
You are now on the manager page where you can edit information you have provided. Your Basic affiliate site starts with a set of general "shared" categories that are already populated with ads on our service. You can change the list of categories for your affiliate site by clicking on the Add/Remove Shared Categories button. You can also customize some items like fonts and colors from the manager, and there is information on how to submit a banner image for your affiliate home page. This page also shows the URL you should link to from your Web site to connect to your affiliate site. We provide HTML code on this page that you can use to display a list of your affiliate categories right on your Web site. The categories will be links to the affiliate site.
The most important step - provide a link to the affiliate site you created on your Web site. This service is for your Web site visitors. They are the only ones who will use the service. If you do not provide a link to the affiliate site on your Web site, then nobody will use the affiliate site you created. You should paste the HTML code we provide on your Web site.

EPage can help you set up your Basic affiliate site. You might also consider creating a Premium site to take advantage of the many features such as individual customization, branding, and increased revenue share.

For further information about the affiliate program, contact Brad Waller at waller@epage.com.


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